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DevCast Demo: Power up your SaaS app with embedded integration
Power up your SaaS app with embedded integration

SaaS applications require connectivity to various data sources to provide more functionality and improved user productivity. In-app integrations allow your users to interact with 3rd-party apps directly within your product, without the need to navigate through different apps and UIs. But building and maintaining these integrations takes a lot of effort, distracting your engineering team from building the core capabilities of your product and slowing down your time-to-market.

In this live demo you’ll learn how webMethods.io Embed enables you to:

• Enhance your application with seamless connectivity to 3rd-party cloud apps

• Easily plug integration capabilities into your product, accelerate your time-to-market, reduce development and maintenance costs

• Provide more value for your users to keep them engaged

Join us and see how to empower your users to add 3rd-party integrations with the click of a button!
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